Business need

The industry of construction supplies and raw materials is quite unorganized; most of the available solutions out there are attacking the problem through an ecommerce angle. There is no difference in a class of raw materials, they all follow a specific industry standard. After doing an intensive market study, the Buildo team has chosen a lead generation approach over the conventional ecommerce approach.

Our Approach

Team Henote understood the Business need and started with business consulting to derive technology solution. Henote team considered the background of the application stakeholders and designed the UI/UX in way to ease the process of application handling by each of the stakeholders. A customised enterprise application was developed in Android, iOS and web version.


Buildo leverages the power of technology to have a huge database with updated inventory list of building materials which can be searched by applying multiple filters to meet the need. User can prepare an online list of products he is looking for and get the proposal for the same from various vendors near by the user’s location. User can choose among the proposals received and communicate with the vendor online or offline.

For a vendor this is a lead generation platform and for a customer this is a platform to connect with verified and vetted vendors selling certified products.

Stakeholders: General Consumers, Industrial Consumers, Vendors and SASS Admin


  • Location capture
  • Social integration
  • Huge organised database
  • Multiple filters for product search
  • Lead generation
  • Vendor Subscriptions
  • Analytical reports

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